Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is a disk that is directly attached to a single computer or a few servers.DAS accommodates a variety of data management challenges for a growing business. It can be as simple as the addition of a second hard drive in a desktop computer, the use of an external drive or the use of a more advanced device that holds 15 hard drives, connected to a server. Simple and affordable storage devices ideal for localized file sharing in environment with a single or multiple servers. DAS allows you to quickly add storage capacity without the planning expense.Apex Microsystems offers DAS in USB / eSATA / SCSI / SAS interfaces

      Network attached storage (NAS) is a popular storage for businesses that need to allow multiple users to share files. This can help increase productivity and protect data as the NAS can centralize files in a location where all can see and edit them as well as make it easier to back them up.NAS offers file-level data sharing across the network, and is the ideal for company looking for a simple and cost-effective way to achieve data access and sharing for multiple clients within the network. NAS systems can integrate into any environment and serve files across all operating platforms.With added features like RAID and hot swappable drives, Apex Microsystems NAS servers offer data protection and simplicity that cannot be beat.

A storage area network (SAN) is a network of shared storage devices, such as disk storage arrays and tape automation. The architecture of a SAN is such that storage resources are made available to multiple servers on a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). Because stored data does not reside directly on any of the network’s servers, processing power is optimized for business applications, and storage capacity can be provisioned on the server where it is needed most.SAN also tend to enable more effective disaster recovery processes. A SAN attached storage array can replicate data belonging to many servers to a secondary storage array. This secondary array is typically remote, but can also be local.Apex Microsystems offers iSCSI SAN box that shares data at block level can be quickly integrated to your existing SAN infrastructure.

Virtualization enables the aggregation of multiple servers, storage infrastructure and networks into shared pools of resources that can be delivered dynamically and reliably to applications as needed. Virtualization helps minimize new hardware purchases by hosting several virtual servers on a single server and reduce the cost to maintain and manage them. By virtualizing your server, you can create and manage server capacity to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.Apex Microsystems virtualization servers support most virtualization software available on the market today.