EonNAS 5100N


IT environments often include multiple storage infrastructures, and the scattered boxes for DAS, SAN and NAS lead to poor utilization and complicated management. The EonNAS 5100N is a unified storage solution for mid-tier file- and block-based applications. Featuring NAS and IP SAN consolidation, SSD performance acceleration and enterprise-class availability, it is designed to help mid-sized businesses effectively meet application needs while staying within budgets.

Key Features:

  • Wide support of file and block storage protocols: NFS, CIFS, AFP, HTTP, FTP and iSCSI.
  • Seamlessly consolidate file and block storage for simplified management and efficient resource utilization
  • Drive Expansion Ports: One SAS expansion ports
  • Minimize management overhead for system deployment, configuration and monitoring
  • Redundant PSUs and cooling modules on back-end storage
  • Network: 4 1-Gb ports. Supports up to 8 1-Gb Ethernet ports
  • Data protection: Hardware RAID, Snapshot, Volume Copy/Volume Mirror, Sync and Async remote replication
  • Support the highest data availability and quick service restart after storage accidents
  • On-demand capacity scaling up to 60 drives with expansion enclosures
  • Data Services: storage virtualization, snapshot, remote replication, thin provisioning, NDMP
  • Directory Services: NIS, AD and LDAP
  • Configuration: Single Node
  • Performance acceleration by integrating SSDs

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