EonNAS 3200


IT environments often include multiple storage infrastructures, and the scattered boxes for DAS, SAN and NAS lead to poor utilization and complicated management. The EonNAS 3200 is an easy-to-use, entry-level unified storage solution. At affordable prices, it provides enterprise-level scalability and data services, and allows small businesses, remote/branch offices or enterprise departments to deal with file- and block-based applications in the most efficient way.

Key Features:

  • Wide support of file and block storage protocols: NFS, CIFS, AFP, HTTP, FTP and iSCSI.
  • Seamlessly consolidate file and block storage for simplified management and efficient resource utilization
  • Drive Expansion Ports: One SAS expansion ports
  • Minimize management overhead for system deployment, configuration and monitoring
  • Network: 2 1-Gb Ethernet ports.
  • Data protection: Hardware RAID, Snapshot, Volume Copy/Volume Mirror, Sync and Async remote replication
  • Support the highest data availability and quick service restart after storage accidents
  • On-demand capacity scaling up to 60 drives with expansion enclosures
  • Data Services: storage virtualization, snapshot, remote replication, thin provisioning, NDMP
  • Directory Services: NIS, AD and LDAP
  • Configuration: Single Node

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