ESVA E60-1130


The ESVA E60-1130 allows users to leverage current investments in IP networks to consolidate a powerful, reliable and flexible 1GbE iSCSI SAN. With high-performance drives, it can satisfactorily handle demanding workloads. By consolidating up to 12 ESVA systems into a storage pool, the maximum capacity can be further expanded to 768 drives. The as-needed scaling allows users to increase storage for top-tier applications in the most cost-effective manner.

Key Features:

  • Storage virtualization
  • Eliminate physical boundaries of storage consolidation.
  • Thin provisioning
  • Distributed load balancing
  • Make performance grow linearly by adding subsystems to the virtualized foundation
  • Prioritized volume accessibility
  • Ensure applications to achieve their ideal service levels.
  • Data protection: Snapshot, Volume copy/Volume mirror & Sync and async remote replication
  • Support the highest data availability and quick service restart after storage accidents
  • Eight 1GbE iSCSI host ports
  • Cost-effective storage ideal for high reliability
  • Green design: High-efficiency power supplies and Intelligent multi-level drive spin-down technology
  • Power supplies delivering more than 80% energy conversion efficiency
  • In spin-down state, drives can save up to 60% of energy consumption
  • Fault-tolerant hardware modules
  • Redundant controllers, PSUs, fans; high-availability hardware design, preventing “single-point-of-failure”
  • Expansion up to 768  HDDs
  • “Pay-as-you-grow” scalability; no waste on what you don’t need, and no worries about what you will need
  • Powerful management suite (SANWatch) support, including multi-pathing functions
  • Easy management and monitoring of your subsystems anywhere, locally or remotely
  • Recognize and manage redundant paths; support path failover and load-balancing
  • Multiple monitoring methods
  • Real-time problem detection and notification to achieve continuous operation

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